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AngavastramDhoties and Angavastram are pieces of cloth worn during festivals and auspicious events by men in India. They are a very ideal gift for elderly people and gift during weddings for bridegrooms etc. Angavastram is available in pure silk as well itself, or along with the matching angavastram draped over the shoulder can wear the cotton handloom dhoti with a zari border.

For the upper part of the body a scarf known by its Sanskrit name of `angavastram` or `body-cloth` or by the compound expression of `uramalivesti` or`wrapper` was sported by upper classes. This piece, however,was generally wrapped round the waist, more or less in the manner observed on the sculptures of Sanchi, Amaravati, or Nagarjunikonda,by Brahmanic classes when within temple or when actually bowing to the deities therein installed.

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