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Animal Costumes

Animal CostumeAnimal costumes are meant for a special purpose. They are not ordinary types of costume. Animal costumes are basically meant for fancy dress or any other such competitions. They can be used for different events and they are available in different styles and sizes. The different animal costumes are dalmations, horses, lions and tigers, owl, panda, Pooh Bear and Tiger, ScoobDoo, Donkey, Wolf, Cat, Gorilla, Chicken, Cow etc. In the old days of the trade, animal costumes were called skins and were always made from the pelts of dead animals, as there were no synthetic fibers, which resembled fur. One common method of becoming a werewolf was to don a belt made from human skin or wolf pelt. Such garments were considered the tools of the devil. There is also a category of toddler and infant animal costume.


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