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Belly Chains

Belly ChainBelly chains are a popular item of jewellery amongst most young people. In fact it is popular amongst the older people as well. Belly chains are to be worn around the waist. They are available in various sizes. Single line elegant belly chain is available in sterling silver with buckles to adjust to various waist sizes.Belly chains are used by some dancers to draw attention at the stomach.

They come in typical designs like a long chain with a charm or jewel of some sort dangling from it.Both cabret and tribal dancers use it but most often it is seen that more cabret dancers utilize them than tribal dancers.

Belly chain for the sensuous woman, made by the talented craftsmen of Rajasthan. A unique piece of jewelry wrapped around the waist. For an evening out, or daytime fun, a silver belly chain with decorative silver tassels.

The English word "cummerbund" and the German "kummerband" for waist-band are derived from the Persian Kamar, meaning waist, and bandi, a band. Belly chains are a hot new jewellery trend that can accentuate any outfit. Belly chains can be thin and slinky, large-beaded and bold, or just softly laced around that exotic belly.

The word is prevalent in most northern Indian languages. The immense popularity of waist ornaments is evidenced by a large number of temple sculptures, frescoes and miniature paintings ranging from the Indus valley civilization till the nineteenth century designs. To gain the requisite flexibility, most silver waist ornaments are made by chaining or threading together a large number of the links. Often fine work is employed to gain elasticity.

Buckles are apparently of the late Mughal or British origin. The most popular system for fastening used earlier comprised of dove-tailed hinges locked by piercing a pin through the two ends of the band in position. Often the locking device was covered with a decorative element.

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