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BroochBrooches are decorative items designed to be attached to garments. Brooch is a brilliant and exquisite way to express and anchor you faith. Broaches are made up of metal, gold and often silver but these days broaches are made up with other material also like : pearl, gemstones, diamonds etc. These days manufacturers and exporters make variety of broaches according to your requirements. A wide collection of vintage broaches and pin broaches available in the market.

Both men and women as ornaments use broaches. With its perfect, stylized daily shape and totally dazzling presence, broaches adds to the grace of any lapel and neckline. It also makes a brilliant button on any single button jacket or coat. Brooches are a very ancient form of jewelry, originally being useful for fastening robes and capes. The mediaeval ring-brooches are interesting chiefly on account of the legends and ornaments engraved upon them, which occasionally appear to have been talismanic, but usually express the love of which such gifts were the token. In the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, brooches garnished with jewels were commonly worn by all persons of rank and means, and were of great value and beauty.

A broach can add glittery embellishment to any outfit. Colourful hand painted Russian brooches are loved and collected worldwide. There is huge variety of types of brooches made as each region, and even each crafts centre is known by its own unique style. While designing brooches, the jewellers use a combination of simple geometric shapes such as cylinders, lozenges, spheres and flat circles, in some cases formed by or connected by filigree work, and decorated with granulation on the surface. Animal and floral patterns are also widely used.

The different types of brooches are sterling silver brooches, gold brooches, diamond brooches, hand made brooches, beaded brooches, pearl brooches, women`s brooches, silver brooches,white gold brooches, antique brooches, fashion brooches, crystal brooches, and celtic brooches.

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