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Cherokee Indian Costume

CherokeeThe Cherokees didn`t wear long headdresses like the Sioux. Cherokee men usually cut their hair in the Mohawk style or shaved it completely except for a single scalplock, and sometimes they would also wear a porcupine roach. (These headdresses were made of porcupine hair, not their sharp quills!) Cherokee women always wore their hair long, cutting it only when they were in mourning for a family member. Men tattooed their faces and bodies extensively and painted themselves bright colors in times of war, but unlike in other tribes, Cherokee women didnt paint or tattoo themselves. Originally, Cherokee men wore breechcloths with leather pant legs tied on and the women wore wraparound skirts and poncho-style blouses; both genders wore moccasins on their feet. However, once they encountered Europeans, the Cherokees adapted European costume into their own characteristic style, including long braided or beaded jackets, cotton blouses and full skirts decorated with ribbon applique, feathered turbans, and the calico tear dress. Here is a link to our page on traditional Native American clothing in general, where you can find photographs and more links about these clothing styles. Today, some Cherokee people still wear moccasins or a ribbon shirt, but they wear modern clothes like jeans instead of breechcloths... and they only wear roaches in their hair on special occasions like a dance.

Cherokee Warrior Indian Costume
Indian Costumes for Children. This Cherokee Warrior Indian Costume includes headpiece, fringed shirt and a tomahawk for authentic look.

Cherokee Tear Dress
Cherokee Tear is a long flowing frock style dress.It is worn by woman of all age-groups as it is available in large and small sizes.It is still worn in the native cherokee.

Ribbon ShirtCherokee Ribbon Shirt
A traditional ribbon shirt is still worn in Cherokee country. Hand-made. The ribbon shirt is still the classic "Indian shirt" in cloth and is worn by Feather dancers, Straight dancers, Gourd dancers, and occasionally by "Singers" or "MC`s" at present day Powwows and ceremonial gatherings. Since this has proven to be our most popular style shirt, there are several exciting colors and fabric designs. These will make particularly nice Straight Dance shirts. The traditional ribbon shirt is still worn in Cherokee country. Hand-made.  Fabric is selected for ready-made Ribbon Shirts from a variety of appropriately patterned prints such as calicos, stripes, etc. and then are matched with complimentary ribbon colors.

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