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ChockerA classic jewellery, choker necklaces are extremely elegant that fits very snuggly around the neck and looks very cheerful on Indian as well as western dress. Worn closely around the neck, choker necklace come in plethora of designs and styles such as some can have a typical clasp closure, and for a more modern look, there are open-back bangle chokers. Sleek, sensual, and cool to the touch, choker necklace make every woman alluring that can be worn each day of the week and for every occasion.

These chokers are made in stunning designs such as fine filigree work in silver, the delicate art of enameling or meenakari, that are utterly breathtaking and are extremely authentic in appearance that make them easily adaptable when it comes to wearing them with a favorite outfit.

A choker is a tight-fitting necklace, worn high on the neck. This type of jewellery can consist of one or more bands circling the neck. Chokers can be made of a variety of materials, including velvet, beads, metal and leather. They may or may not be adorned with sequins, studs or some kind of pendant and come in a variety of colours.

Some people value chokers for their aesthetic appeal. However, a choker can also carry strong erotic connotations. In part, this can be explained due to a similarity between chokers and collars. In a BDSM context, collars sometimes act as a symbol of submission and function as a practical tool of bondage, as (for example) a leash can be attached to them.

Chokers are distinct from collars, in the sense that the former is an item of jewellery and can be worn as such. Although chokers are of little practical value for BDSM, they can be of symbolic and suggestive relevance.

The different types of chockers are sterling silver chockers, gold chockers, antique chockers, hand made chockers, beaded chockers, beaded chockers, pearl chockers, designer chockers, silver chockers, white gold chockers, diamond chockers, fashion chockers, crystal chockers, glass and indian chockers.

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