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CombsA comb is a device made of solid material, generally flat, always toothed, used in hair care for staightening and cleaning hair or other fibers. Combs are among the older tools known to mankind, having been found in very refined forms already in settlements dating back to 5000 years ago in Persia - possibly at the height of the first major Indo-European migrations.

It can be argued that combs do not have only value as cosmetic implements. Combs may have given users an evolutionary advantage by helping in the endless fight against parasites. In fact, Indo-European or otherwise, there are no known traditional civilizations that ignore the use of combs, even those whose members have hair that is quite hard to comb.

Hairbrush is a brush used in hair care for brushing, tidying, and detangling human hair or a domestic animals fur. It is typically used on longer hair, while a comb is normally used on shorter hair, but can be still used for short hair. For an equines thougher hair, a currycomb is used.

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