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Indian Women Costumes
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The saree is a costume par excellence among the costumes of the entire world.And the innumerable modes of wearing it offers to its wearer is really amazing.On first thought, it may seem that fashions in the saree style of  dress have not much scope-it is basically a covering garment or a drape-and that there has been hardly any change in the mode of wear, but a closer observation would reveal that changes in fabrics, woven designs, embroidery,printing and dyeing have provided scope for unlimited fashions in saris.These changes,combined with subtle alterations in the arrangement for the veil portion or pallu or pallaw of  the sari in its actual wearing,the fashions in choli and other complementary garment help to complete the ensemble of the Indian womans wardrobe.The sari is also associated with the word shati (Vedic),meaning an overgarment.

The other view is that sari is of rather recent origin and came to occupy the present form only in the fag end of the 18th century A.D.Among the countries with ancient traditions India is perhaps the one country that has clung to her traditional costume which she has evolved through the ages and, in a way perfected, while most other countries with similar traditions have switched over to tailored forms of dress necessitated, perhaps,by climatic and other considerations.The beautiful Indian saris elegance and grace surpasses the best fashionable wears of the world in dress.

The Indian woman will adhere to her sari, wherever she goes and whatever conditions she is placed,and most of the women of the other countries of  the world congratulate her on the simplicity and charm of her sari.The factor that has made the sari the most desirable apparel for the Indian women is rather economic.Sari is not an anatomic costume,all can wear it and fold it according to their preferences,by adjusting its length and breadth to suit the wearers dimension.The development of the sari-style in India and the factors that have influenced the womans wardrobe tell a story of aesthetic and socio-economic progress resulting in the simplification and standardisation of womans dress to a large extent.

In the costume of the Indian women it is not the tailor or the seam stress that is "something of the creator or divinity", but it is the village handloom weaver, the designer,the hand-embroiderer,the dyer and the printer that with their combined efforts have taken Indian sari to universal and perrenial fame.It is reported in some historical narratives that Emperor Aurangzeb once rebuked his daughter Zebunnisa for wearing a garment so thin that she looked naked, when she told him that she had covered her body with the seven layers of that apparel.

It is thus worthwhile attempting to set the present Indian scene against the back-ground of age-old traditions and costume, especially the sari, in its all encompassing prospective. The exotic styles or less prevalent modes of dress of the present day in the evolution of  the Indian womans costume are relegated to the background,as the sari assumes gigantic proportions in the matter of  costume in India.

Wedding Saris
Wedding SariSarees were very much in fashion in a traditional Indian wedding. In todays wedding functions woman prefers to wear saris in different styles. Fashion designers have come up with new ways to drape wedding sarees, which are quite popular among todays woman. Saris always had a sensuous and elegant look at the same time. The wedding sari or Bridal sari is given a lot of importance in India. Indian Saris come in different fabrics from cotton to silk, from georgettes to crapes, from traditionals like Banarasi to Kanjeevaram or a silk.

Wedding saris are given a lot of emphasis in Indian family. It ranges from few thousands to few lakhs of rupees. Saris today have a lot of work done on them. They come in various varieties and styles. Zari, embroidery, organza, zardosi, sequence, cut work, mirror work, patchwork, pearl work, kasab, kundan, are all different kinds of work, which are found in sari. Earlier it was compulsory for Indian brides to wear heavy Benarasi sari for her wedding but now it is not so but still brides are preferring to wear saris for their wedding. Though the styles and embroidery has changed. Earlier it was lot more heavy work and rich now it is lot more sleek and light in fabric.

Saree makes a woman look graceful, elegant, stylish, and sensuous. But sarees should be draped properly. Here are some tips on how to buy a saree, which suits your personality.

Tips to buying saree

  • Women who are a bit heavier should buy saris, which are light like georgette, silk chignon or chiffon. For the gorgeous option they can try heavy Mysore silk sarees or silk-based Kanjeevaram, which looks beautiful and one tends to look slimmer.
  • For shorter women they should buy saris with small borders or no borders. They should definitely avoid big borders as big borders make one look shorter. Big borders are mainly for women who have a good height. For short woman they can go for self or single color it will make them look taller.
  • Thin women should buy saris, which are a bit fluffy like organza, cotton fabric, tissue and tussar saris. These saris give a fuller effect and give a broad look.
  • Avoid large prints in sarees, as it gives a gaudy and a huge look. Delicate and sober print on a sari gives a delicate and stylish look.
  • Dark skin color women should generally buy dark colors like maroon, green, dark pink and avoid light colors and bright colors.

        Saris can be really elegant and stylish if worn properly and with right accessories.

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