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WatchWatches are time keeping convention. The term in general use can mean any period of duty or responsibility, such as a hurricane watch. Today, wide ranges of watches are available in terms of designs and pricing. Both ladies watches and mens watches comes in designs from casual to elegant and designer. Also watches are made of gold, diamond, platinum, silver etc. which are also used as gifts on special occasions.

A watch is a small portable clock that displays the time and sometimes the day, date, month and year. In modern times they are usually wrist-watches, worn on the wrist with a watch-strap (made of e.g. leather (often synthetic), metal, or nylon), although before the 20th century most were pocket watches, which had covers and were carried separately, often in a pocket, and hooked to a watch chain. Current watches are often digital watches, using a piezoelectric crystal, usually quartz, as an oscillator (see quartz clock).

Mechanical timepieces are still used, usually powered by a spring wound regularly by the user, e.g. a stem-winder. The invention of "Automatic" or "self-winding" watches allowed for a constant winding without special action from the wearer: it works by an eccentric weight, called a winding rotor, that rotates to the movement of the wearers body. The back-and-forth motion of the winding rotor couples to a ratchet to automatically wind the watch. Watches may be collectible; they are often made of precious metals, and can be considered an article of jewellery.

The different types of watches are sterling silver watches,silver watches, white gold watches, fashion watches, women`s watches, designer watches, gold watches, platinum watches, diamond watches, beaded watches, beaded watches, gemstone watches, pocket watches, electromechanical watches, advanced watches, mobile phones as pocket watches, quartz analog watches, etc.

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