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Indian Traditional CostumesTraditional dress in India greatly varies across the regions in its colours and styles, and depends on various factors, including climate. The traditional sari and the salwar kameez are popular styles of dress for women. Traditional raiments for men are the kurta and dhoti. Indian dress varies widely throughout India, where both traditional and Western-style clothing are commonplace.

Women in India may wear a sari, a length of material wrapped over a petticoat and a bodice or choli. Different regions have different styles of wrapping the sari. The salwar kameez is most common in the northwestern part of India.

The women of Rajasthan and Gujarat often wear colorful swirling skirts called lehenga, paired with a short bodice called a choli. If they must cover their heads, they do so with bright veils called ordhani. Tribal women typically don their own unique costumes. The most common male attire consists of the dhoti and kurta, worn in most of the western and central regions.

A sherwani is typically worn for special occasions. The lungi (a type of wrap-around) is worn in many parts of India, but depending on the social practices of the region it may be restricted to indoor-wear. As with women`s clothing, jeans and other types of Western-wear are very common in the major metropolises and smaller towns. Shirts and pants are ubiquitous in cities and towns. | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us