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Indian Kids - Boys Costume
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Clothes for boys in India are very popular but they are distinct regionally and also according to states. Casual clothing is very comfortable clothing. So boys generally wear loose pajamas, trousers, slacks, quarter pants, T-shirts, Shirts. In rural parts of India boys generally wear loose Dhoti-Pajamas, loose lehengas and Zablas. Traditional clothing is also very famous kind of clothing in India. Traditional clothing in India is worn on specific occasions. Boys wear sherwani, Kurta-Pajama during weddings or for pooja.They also wear traditional dress  like dhoti -pajama during Dandiya-Ras and other festivals like diwali. Party wear costumes are generally worn during special occasions like a party, or any social event.Regional clothing is also very famous in India. The most common garment worn by boys in Kerala is the "dhoti" or a kind of short skirt, although some might wear longer lengths. In southern India, boys prefer lungis to pants.So boys normally in India dress up according to their style, comfort . Regionally there may be a particular dress code which they would be following but it varies according to where they belong.

The dhoti is a style of Indian men`s wear. A rectangular piece of cloth, it is wrapped in a complex manner about the waist and legs and is usually white or cream in color, though black and darker hues are often used to create more vivid ensembles. There are more than 60 different ways of wearing it. The dhoti has status as formal wear in most of India, but is less and less popular among men in major metropolises. There is no age bar as such for wearing a dhoti-kurta as boys on special occassions wear it.

The dhoti is also very prevalent in the southern part of India. In the state of Tamil Nadu it is called veshti and is plainly wrapped around the waist by men. This way of wearing it is also prevalent in the neighbouring states of Kerala and Karnataka. So for boys dhoti is not a very popular dress but is considered as a traditional dress worn during special occasions like weddings, diwali party or during other special occassions in general.

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