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Articles on Indian Costumes

Fashion, The right way to Dress
Today the concept of contrast works in fashion though the concept of  match does    exist. Colours reveal the natural aspect of the person`s understanding of fashion. The article focuses on the criteria that the right way of dressing can only come through proper choice of colours. More...

Fushion of  Art and Designer Clothing
The article talks about  the merger of  art and designer clothing. Designers who are successful at presenting a message of art through their garments and clothing but not form the point of view of fashion could be considered as great achievers and would enjoy success on a long-term basis. More...

Making a choice of Perfect Evening Outfit
Evening outfits are smashing and extremely attractive and colorful. One has so many options to go through.A lady is very fussy while choosing an outfit. The article talks about selecting the perfect evening attire for that special evening occasion. More...

Eschewing Business Wear Faux pas
Business wear blunders create a very bad impression. So one should have some knowledge of  right way of dressing for any occasion be it casual, formal, or any other occasion. The article talks about dressing right for success. As we say selecting the right tool for the right job. The adage also complements the statement `Dressing right to get the best of everything you desire.` More...

Waiting for that Perfect Prom Look
Prom season is upon us. Make sure you are up to speed on the latest prom fashions and accessories.Choosing the perfect theme for that perfect prom look is as important as anything else.The article gives us ideas and themes for choosing the right and perfect prom dress ,hairstyle and wearing one`s  style with a daring attitude. More...

Picking right clothes in your 30`s
The article focuses on the idea that one should choose the right clothing when one enters in to her 30`s. Tips have been given as to how one should select the right style of clothing according to her age. More...

What`s the colour of your outfit : `Black or White`
The article focus on the aspect that choosing black and white colour for your wardrobe is in trend. But one should not opt for different colours even if one is wearing more often black and white be it with accessories, and create one`s own style statement for that perfect glossy and radiant you. More...

Backpacking around the World
Clothing is the most essential determinant while travelling. So while packing your bag one needs to plan about carrying the amount of wardrobe and other necessary belongings to be taken. So the article tells us how much and what kind of wardrobe one needs to carry while travelling as well as how to pack your suitcase be it small or large. More... | Home | Sitemap | Contact Us