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Eye Mask

Eye MaskEye Masks are very popular form of costume accessory for the woman. They provide ultimate comfort with no pressure on the eyes. It comes with adjustable hooks at both ears. You dont have to worry about disheveled hair when youve woken up from sleep and want to remove the eye mask. Its whole face cover, which conceals the sleeping, face and which can also be folded up when unnecessary. Eye masks having nose- and ear-pieces similar to those of conventional spectacles and sunglasses are described. Such masks include eye-covering regions of opaque material but need not include elastic bands, adhesive, or loops to retain the regions in place while in use. The masks additionally may be made of one-piece construction if desired, molded of plastic or other suitable material into a unitary body. Eye masks, also known as sleep masks, are used primarily as room-darkening sleep aids or therapeutic tension relievers. Users of eye masks position them for maximum comfort just before falling asleep. Some eye masks are designed to put a slight pressure on the sleepers eyes, while others avoid eye contact entirely.

Therapeutic masks may contain aromatic herbs such as chamomile or lavender, or special gel packs which are heated or cooled before use.Eye masks intended as sleep aids create the effect of total darkness, which fools the brain into converting serotonin (a hormone associated with wakefulness)to melatonin (a sleep-producing hormone). Natural darkness is a known trigger for this phenomenon, so eye masks duplicate the circumstance of sundown. Creating total darkness can be a very effective sleep aid for those on unusual sleeping cycles, reclining on outdoor hammocks, or traveling on airplanes.

Another common use for eye masks is tension reduction. Headache sufferers often use herbal or cold-pack eye masks to encourage muscles around the head and neck to relax. Those prone to sinus headaches and stuffiness may also find heated eye masks provide effective relief. Herbs such as chamomile, lavender and peppermint have also been shown to create a feeling of well-being when used in eye masks.

Eye MaskNot all eye masks are created equal. Consumers should try on various sizes and styles at the store before making any decisions. Some eye masks can shift positions if the sleeper prefers to sleep on his or her side or stomach. The mask area should fit snugly but comfortably around the wearers eyes and nose without pinching or binding. The holding strap should feel comfortable around the head, not digging into the skin or allowing for too much slack.

Retail stores may offer a few eye masks in their health and beauty sections, but outlets, which specialize in bed, and body products usually have a wider selection. Decide if you need a sleep aid or a stress reducer or perhaps a combination. Some aromatherapy eye masks also work well as room-darkening sleep aids. These should be tested, as some level of outside light may still come through the eye masks. Personalized eye masks are also available through mail order, and some models may feature fashionable designs or humorous logos.

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