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Fashion Bindi

Fashion BindiIn the ancient times, Indian Bindi was worn as a tradition mark. Hindu wives applied it on their foreheads to symbolize marriage. It is believed that bindi acts as the third eye protecting them from bad evils. But, today it has become more of a fashion style. It is the most eye catchy accessory, which draws immediate attention. Today young and old both wear traditional fashion bindi to adorn their beauty.

Bindi comes in a variety of shapes, colors and designs. Intricate designs include beadwork, handprints, meenakari work, kundan, and studded stones, pearls and diamonds. Apart from the usual traditional bindis, we have an outstanding variety ranging from fancy bindis to designer bindis to bridal bindis. Designer bindis are a collection of several artistic body art bindis.

The popular body art bindis are crystal bindi, Belly Tattoo Bindi, Glitter tattoo bindi, Arm/Wrist Band bindi, Tikka bindi, Crystal Belly Bindi, pendent bindi, crystal finger bindi, hair bindi, chin bindi, crystal eyelash bindi and crystal nail bindi. TV personalities pave way for new fashion in bindi styles. We have Parvati bindi, Ramola bindi and Saans bindi in the designer shops.

There is a bindi style for each personality type. For bold and beautiful, there are bindis in various shapes of stars, half moon, heart, tree and snakes in glittery, shiny and bright colors. Simple and sober embellish their foreheads with bindis in oval shape, square, diamond or a simple dot in shades of black and dark maroon. Apart from usual hasslefree sticker bindi, liquid bindi and kumkum bindi are also in.

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