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Feather Headdress

Feather HeaddressIndian Feather Headdress is a perfect costume accessory.One size fits child or adult.

Feathers, and the development of feather headdress, and war bonnets, of the black and white feathers of the immature golden eagle, also played a part in the process of indicating high honour. Two main styles of headdress co-existed in the nineteenth century - the Blackfoot straight up headdress, with vertical feathers in a ring, and the Sioux-type bonnet with a spray of feathers attached on or around a cap, sometimes with a long train streaming down. Eagle feathers were obtained by luring birds with a bait. A pit would be dug, large enough to hide a man. This would be covered over with brush and a rabbit placed on top. When an eagle set down, the legs would be grabbed and some of the tail feathers removed.

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