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SocksSocks are designed for wear with footwear that covers the entire foot, such as athletic shoes, boots, or dress shoes. They are sometimes worn with open-toed shoes, such as sandals, but the practice is considered somewhat unfashionable (and can earn the wearer the label of shoebie). Socks are also frequently worn without shoes, typically indoors. Baby socks are available in different colours and these socks enhance the personality of a child. Socks are of ankle length or are of full length. Other socks are toe socks, or loose socks.

Today stockings which is usually worn by toddlers during a fancy dress competition. Socks are purely a comfort zone for both the toddlers and infants(boys and girls). Although socks are sold in pairs, contrary to shoes (which are made specifically for the right and left foot), the two socks are usually the same. Mismatched socks were stereotypically the symbol of someone who was absent-minded. Socks usually blend with the out fit for toddlers.

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