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CaprisA girl`s wardrobe would be incomplete without a trouser or a pant whatever we call it. Trousers are a girl`s best friend. Trousers can be casual, formal and regular ones to the one which are of designer styles as well.Trousers for girls can be in the form of  pedal pushers, sweat pants, long pants, long trousers, capris, quarter pants, baggy pants.

Trousers are definetely a western form of clothing. Today in modern times girls generally wear a belt on the trouser. Trousers can cover the body from the waist all the way down to the top of the foot, or stop almost anywhere from the upper thigh to the ankle. Short trousers, or just shorts, stop anywhere from the upper thigh to the knee.

Capris are girl`s trousers that end mid-calf or just below the calf. Children who have grown such that the trouser legs are not long enough, are derisively said to be wearing "floods" or "highwaters" (a reference to hiked trousers to keep them dry in flood times); in the UK they are said to be wearing their trousers at half-mast (just as you might fly a flag at half-mast), or simply wearing "half-masts".

Some trousers have detachable legs, usually with zippers Pockets: There may be front pockets (usually inset) and back pockets (usually patch). Men`s trousers almost always have back pockets. Some trousers, especially jeans, have a smaller fifth pocket inside the right front pocket. This is sometimes called the "coin pocket" but may be used for other things or not at all.

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