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JacketJackets are also very popular among boys today. Denim jackets with monkey wash prints and smoky prints are very popular and they complement with the personality of boys.  Jackets may be full-sleeved jackets or in three-fourth jackets. The term jacket has a variety of meanings and and even wider variety of actual types. A jacket is a garment for the upper body, usually with a front opening and having a collar, sleeves, and pockets. Jacket-like garments evolved from medieval doublets.

The term is French in origin, evolving from the short coats worn by French peasants. Modern jackets are primarily a garment worn for warmth in cool weather or the upper part of a suit worn as dress wear. Jackets differ from coats, which are cold waether garments in that they are generally lighter and shorter.

There are also jackets make for cold weather. Boys will wear heavy jackets during the winter rather than coats cut longer like overcoats. Jackets are cut in a wide variety of styles for specialized purposes. Jackets are also worn for dresswear, often with lapels. These jackets worn with suits are also called coats as are sports jackets, a more casual style, which is worn without matching trousers.

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