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Karnataka Traditional Costume

KarnatakaClothing For Men : Lungi and Shirt, along with an "angavasthram"
Clothing For Women : Sarees and Salwar Suits

Many tribals whose zest for life is expressed through their very colourful attire inhabit the state of Karnataka.

The main dress of the men is a `lungi` worn below the waist beneath a shirt. A `angavastram`, a silk or cotton muffler is sported on the neck covering the shoulders. Women invariably wear sarees, the unstitched piece of cloth used to drape the body.

The Kodavas or the people of Kodagu have their own distinct dresses. The men wear their native costume with pride, resplendent with ornamental sashes, swords and daggers, black robes or tunics and gold trimmed turbans for festivals or weddings.
Kodava women drape the saree in reverse, with the pleats at the back, `pallu` pinned on the shoulder, the fringe to the front. Decorative headscarves are worn on formal occasions.

The western dresses are catching up fast as more and more students from other parts of the country are entering the educational centre that the city of Bangalore is.

Women have also taken to the salwar-suit, the north-Indian attire and other western attire for all practical purposes. Churidars and Salwar-khameez have become a popular dress among the girls, replacing the traditional langa,dhavani and frock. However, elderly continue with the traditional dress of saree and Dhoti.

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