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Traditional StoleThe word stole derives from Latin stola, from the Greek stole, garment, originally array or equipment. The stole was originally a kind of scarf that covered the shoulders and fell down in front of the body. After being adopted by the Church about the seventh century, the stole became gradually narrower and so richly ornamented that it developed into a mark of dignity. Nowadays, the stole is usually wider and can be made from a wide variety of material. Many kinds of stoles are available for men in various sizes and forms.

Stoles as an accessory for a man can not only enhances a mans look but in completeness determines his personality and his characteristics of looking smart and handsome are highlighted. Stoles are a must for a radiant presence at dazzling glamor events to subdued casual affairs, as these create a sophisticated impression at any special occasion. Whatever is the fashion style, these are the perfect to complete an ensemble.

Winter ScarfMans stoles are the most widely used apparel accessory and are available in innumerable styles and designs. Today woolen men scarves and shawls are not just a must winter wear, but more of a fashion statement. These classic winter accessories for men are simply rocking. Hottest menswear winter fashion accessory assortment consists of stylish winter scarves, shawls, gloves and hats for men.

From head to toe these winter wear embellish your charm and personality, thereby giving you a unique fashion style. There are multiple things with which you can beautify your neck like designer scarves, stoles and warm mufflers. Cashmina and Pashimna are two names that need a special mention while talking about shawls. These shawls are sheer light and very cozy to wear. Lamb wool is of exceptionally superior quality.

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