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Night Wear

Night WearClothes, such as pajamas or a nightgown, worn in bed. Also called nightdress, nightwear; also called sleepwear. Boys in the age group of 11-18 generally wear night suit, pajamas, track pant, or shorts with matching T-Shirts. Night wear is generally loose fitted and is comfortable. Night wear can have many varities. Boys have slept in a variety of different outfits. Men and boys for several centuries slept in similar night shirts. Boys and girls slept in similar nightshirts. Only in the 20th century did children begin to wear pajamas and did specialized children`s sleepwear developed. The primary garment here is pajamas.

There are several different styles of pajamas. There is also specialized sleepwear for younger children such as sleepers. Nightshirts were worn with stocking caps made of knitted silk. Many had a tassel on top. These caps provided warmth in the poorly heated houses that were common until the mid-20th century. Pajamas are a relatively recent innovation in boyswear. Pajamas are derived from a Hindi word. This is because they were introduced to Europe and America about 1880 from India for men to wear for sleeping instead of nightshirts. Pajamas consisted of a matching jacket and trousers--loose fitting trousers. There is a difference between the spelling in America and Britain. Pajamas, is spelled pyjamas in Britain, Canada and other British Commonwealth countries.

Especially boys did not commonly wear pajamas in the late 19th and early 20th century. Nightshirts were still much more common well into the 20th century. There are several different types of pajamas worn by boys. Pajamas unlike nightshirts tend to be distibctive for boys and girls.

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