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PendantPendant is something suspended from something else, especially an ornament or piece of jewelry attached to a necklace or bracelet. It is a hanging object, generally attached to a necklace or an earring. The use of pendants has several purposes; ornamentation is only one of them; pendants are also used for identification (i.e. religious symbols, sexual symbols, symbols of rock bands), protection (i.e. amulets, religious symbols), self-affirmation (i.e. initials, names), ostentation (i.e. jewels). Of course these purposes can be combined (i.e. a richly jewelled symbol).

Pendant is a jewellery component that hangs from a piece of jewellery (necklace or earring). Nothing beats a resplendent pendant as an accessory or a present. Wide ranges of pendants that will surpass your imagination are available in the market. A pendant is an ultimate expression of love. There were many ritual aspects of beads and the pendant used in ceremonies of dance, curing and sacrifice. The pendant was also used in many religious practices. Pendants have their own significance in all the cultures.

Pendants can be elegant or casual depending how you wear them. Feminine styles prevail in popular motifs - a heart, ring or simple cross can be dotted with tiny diamonds dangling from chains that are 16 inches or longer. Pendants are available in all sizes and shapes and can be worn on any occasion to enhance your personality. A pendant is a perfect accessory for casual, semi-formal and even eveningwear.

PendantOne can find pendants to fit any budget in a wide selection of styles. Pendants are available in a wide variety like: Diamond Pendants, Silver Pendants, Heart Pendants, Diamond Solitaire Pendants, Gold Pendants, Pearl Pendants etc. Known for its elegance and style, fine pendants can be complemented beautifully by semiprecious stones in fine jewellery designs, when matched with chains these pendants make stunning jewellery sets.

Pendants are versatile and never go out of style. The diamond pendants are beautifully crafted so that these diamond pendants are exquisite in detail. The beauty of diamond pendants captures your feelings and honors your memories. Pendants can also be made up with: Lac, Metal, Beads, Stone, Terracotta, Wood, Horn, Bone, MOP, Pearl, Plastic etc.

In India pendants with symbols used to represent God and Goddess ad their images are very popular. Among these pendants with images of Lord Shiva, Ganesha, and Lakshmi are the most popular ones. Christians wear a Cross-shaped pendant, which is a symbol of their religion. These pendants can also be used to present as gifts on festive occasions.

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