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PonchoA poncho is a blanket-like pullover with a hole for the head, with or without a hood. Girl Ponchos are the perfect wear for young girls. They are heavy enough for real outerwear and drape nicely because of the soft wool. The stitch is very easy, and in fact can be handled by rank beginners also.

Girl ponchos are basically rectangular pieces of material that resemble a small blanket, with a hole in the center meant for the head. This particular style appears in most of the mainstream Indian fashion stores and in high fashion Indian magazines. In fact the girl ponchos are deemed as one of the Indian fashion seasons must-haves.

The look of the girl ponchos is comfortable and comforting. In fact this season, the Indian women are demurely wrapping up rather than baring all. These ponchos cover all the right areas hiding the most worrisome midsection figure flaws. The sleeveless girl ponchos are easy to whip on and off as the temperature demands.

Ponchos are in fact sometimes warmer than coats because they trap heat by keeping the arms close to the body. The girl ponchos are popular simply because they are so easy to wear. They go with everything and one size fits all, and its never too tight. Of course all of these arguments can be dismissed as myths.

You can`t quite call the poncho practical, and sometimes it does tend to look ridiculous. Most of the ponchos that are available on the fashion streets of the various cities in India are flimsy, assembly-line creations of crocheted rayon, nylon, acrylic. And a clumpy, tangled fringe often borders most of them. Another problem with the girl ponchos is that it`s a simple rule of fashion that one-size-fits-all, like elastic waistbands or sandals, is never a good idea. Unless the fabric is exquisite or the wearer is excessively thin, the girl poncho`s large size makes most women look bulky and misshapen.

Another thing is that the poncho is hardly a new phenomenon. Its has been around since the late `60s and early `70s. The Victorian cape of the `60s, the `90s pashmina, and the poncho are all attempts to solve an old and ongoing problem of how to stay fashionably warm without completely obscuring ones clothes. This means that the wrap`s next incarnation is just around the corner.

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