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Sleep Wear

Sleep WearNightwear, also called "sleepwear", "nightclothes", or "nightdress", is clothing designed to be worn while sleeping. Today`s sleepwear is so versatile that many use it as outer-wear. Many pieces are cute enough to stand-alone but most need some type of accompaniment. Girls generally wear long or kneel length nighties. They may even wear kaftan sleeves nightgowns.

Nightwear generally needs to be comfortable and lightweight. Nightwear should be the type of clothing where the body feels relaxed and the person should feel at ease. Today nightdress in combination of a loose slack (full or three-fourth) is worn with a Jersey or a T-shirt as we call it looks elegant. Sleep wear is available in various materials, styles, animal and cartoon prints to a typical lady like say for example barbie print. Pajamas are also considered as sleep wear.

Though there are many types of nighties where the inner wear long slip is sleeveless and over the top one can wear a full-sleeved coat and jacket type out coat. These are normally worn by women in the age group of 20-30s each and are available in satin print. But young girls normally wear nighty or a night-suit (night-dress) and not such overcoat nighties.

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