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Stoles / Scarf

StolesScarves are no longer simply a square or long narrow strip of material worn for warmth round the neck or tied round the head. They have left behind the peasant-inspired look and have crashed onto the beaches, in colleges, evening out, day-time casual wear and the fashion magazines. Suddenly they are in vogue and, along with bags, shoes, belts and jewellery, have become the accessories of the moment. The wearing of scarves, everywhere, on all occasions, has since been a matter of choice and not compulsion and therefore could rate as fashion. It has proved to be a lasting vogue for head-squares have ever since graced royal and aristocratic as well as plebian heads and necks and are often rich and elegant and printed with beautiful original designs. Scarves can be worn in any number of ways. By simply draping them around the shoulders so that they fall in soft folds or secured with a huge jeweled pin over one shoulder. The fashion of wearing scarves round the neck really set in during and after the Second World War. They were printed silk or rayon with regimental badges as motifs. They could be knitted in wool with fringed edges. The square piece could be draped round the neck and tied at the back or side of the neck. These could also be seen outdoors where their prime purpose was to keep the hair confined. And they can still be seen in places of worship of women of all religions where covering the head is mandatory as a sign of respect. For evening wear, scarves could be woven in silk with designs and motifs in gold and silver threads. These come from Varanasi, famed for its brocade weaves in sheer silk organzas or silks.

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