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Indian Child Costumes
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Baby ZablaThe birth of a new child brings with it the desire to buy clothes and toys for the new born. In India the tradition of  making clothes at home for the child is very old. Even before the child is born the expecting mother begins to make socks made of wool if the child is due to born in winter season.Generally small babies need more clothes and so zablas and loose clothing are preferred during summer season.Sometimes a tracksuit and a matching cap is very commonly preferred by Indian mothers to dress up their child for their comfort.Even costumes for toddlers are of  varied types. Normally babies who are of 2 to 3 months are generally wrapped in a zippered garment.Too much clothing is bad for the baby.Toddlers are generally made to wear short T-shirts for both toddler boys and girls. Skirt  and K-nee length frocks are very comfortable clothing that a girl toddler in India wears. Baby clothes are available in neutral colors and younger designs in India and they are of stretchy fabrics where clothes have large head openings.Overall in India generally babies and toddlers are made to wear   clothing like pajamas, zablas, track suit, sleep suits, and zippered clothing.

FrockFrock (especially in the phrase short frock) is also a childs dress or light overdress. Frock may be of many types and may have lot of variations. Frock is generally an outfit worn by a child  say toddlers and even infants especially girls. Frock may be in the form of a flair design or may be a completely a different outfit altogether. Frocks may have variations in length say long or a knee length or shorter than that.They may have different styles o sleeves like a frilled sleeve or a sleeveless, caps sleeve .The material for frocks may be cotton or a jazzy type or may be a party wear or may be regular one and may be even of printed material. Toddlers ,especially girls are more fussy about clothes. So frocks are the best outfit for infants and toddlers since they are comfortable and upgrade the personality of the child in general.

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